Thursday, 13 December 2012

Baskets for Bakers - a Loafers' Light Bulb Moment!

You know they love shopping for fine foods. Perhaps they've got a bread-maker... What to give them? Obvious. One of Darren and Sam's 'Baskets for Bakers'!

It simply ticks all the boxes even if you're stuck at the last minute (well, up 'til 20th December anyway).  A Christmas 'Basket for Bakers' is a brilliant pressie for anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen.  It even includes the just published Loafers' Puzzle Poem by yours truly. And what a great way to support your local traders and deliver something utterly unique and special to friends and family, personally.

Who's 'yours truly'? In case you can't guess, it's Liz Darcy Jones, guest blogger for today and Bromyard's 'blebsite mistress' (that's blog/web creator for those who want a really simple web solution that allows you to engage with your audience with minimum fuss or screen-time). I'm blogging while they're baking and  munching on some wholemeal spelt and yeast free French flatbread with melted cheese while I'm doing so. Just right for the cold evening and no getting bloated!  Mmmmm....

So what's in these baskets and how much will they set you back?

The list is not exclusive and you can pick and choose items to include if you wish - go and see the baskets in the bakeries, the photo didn't do them justice.

Best items (apart from the poem of course) include: beautiful baker's apron, bread tins, selected speciality flours, baking instructions, jam, a bottle of Pixley Berries to quench the baker's thirst while he or she works. Oh, and oven gloves (vital), a rolling pin to hit anyone who dares criticise the cook... not forgetting the obligatory fridge magnet! All that for £40... and a slightly smaller version for £30 (less the apron and rollling pin).

That'll be all from Loafers' until after Christmas, except to pass on a huge thank you from Darren and Sam to all their customers and suppliers. They wish you a restful Christmas and prosperous New Year. I'd like to thank them back - it's a pleasure working with you guys and I love your passion for bread!

As for the poem? It's the first item on the new Loaflets page! What's a Loaflet? Bet you can guess...

P.S. The baskets are those beautiful vintage looking ones which hold loads and will be useful for years to come.