Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mother's Day's gone but mum's still the word isn't it?

Sometimes in business even if you put all your efforts into a special day for your baby (our business baby is Loafers in case you haven't guessed) you just get a pile of poop!

In our case it was Mothers's Day Brioche Bows.  Here's the smashing picture of Dr Darren all dressed up in his bow tie with a basket of bows.  We sold a few but we can't really complain because we were just pipped or 'bunned' out of any press by a wonderful campaign - the Mother's Bunday' for The Haven Cancer Charity.  We're happy to applaud someone else's baby and give a big thumbs up to the whole idea which raised monies for local charities.  What a great cause.  

But just like every mum, it doesn't change to way we look after our business baby o r the fact that it's a full time job! and I guess we need to start thinking how we can make sure Loafers is ready for Easter.  Spelt hot cross buns? Would that work? We don't even know if its possible ..... what would you like to see at Loafers this Easter? Let us know!