Ask 'Dr Dough'

'Darren The Dough' at your service!
We know many of you bake your own breads or want to know a bit more about the speciality loaves we sell. I'll always try and find time to chat - but often we've a full shop I can't always elaborate as much as I'd like.

 I can here.

These are some of the questions you ask most often (we've saved our favourite until last):

š Why doesn't my bread look like yours?
Hmm... I'd have to see it to give you an accurate answer. The most common bread-making problems are not enough liquid, lack in proving, not enough yeast or no yeast! A baking course with us (watch this space in the New Year) would sort the problem!

š What does the beer add to the bread compared with water?
Beer enhances the maltiness to already rich tasting flour. It helps preserve the life of the bread and gives - depending on the other processes - a lighter texture. That because the existing fermentation in the beer itself means you can reduce the amount of yeast added.

š Does your bread freeze well?
A resounding 'yes' it does! What's more you can toast slices of it without defrosting. Great economy measure if you're on a tight budget or on your own is to freeze small quantities.

š Do you bake the breads yourself?!!!
You bet we do! Absolutely, indisputably 'yes' - and not only that but we bake our breads daily on the day. Often they'll still be warm when we wrap them. 'On the day, that's Loafers' way'.  [This is in comparison to many bakeries who say their bread is baked daily but actually bake the bread the night before so it won't be fresh the next morning].

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