... from Loafers of Bromyard the Herefordshire home of our artisan bakery

'I've taken his bread to France - it's better than the locals'! '
Charles Dods, Bromyard 
We know you love the kind of bread that has you secretly nibbling on it before you've finished your shopping. Just out of the oven rustic speciality breads all crusty and golden, peppered with seeds or nuts, oozing cheese or smelling of rosemary. Or breads that take you straight back to your grandmother's kitchen, or to France (on Tuesdays we bake croissants using French as well as English flour!)  

Sam (that's my wife) and I are passionate about producing freshly baked wholesome breads.  We're devoted to ensuring that whatever you take a bite of - a large spelt, warm oat and barley loaf or one of our unique 'not a Cornish pasties' - you can't help smiling because the taste's so... mmm...

Bakery is an up-at-dawn six days a week business but thankfully we're natural early-risers, no pun intended! 

As down-to-earth, country-lovers we like sharing banter offline best. Pop in and introduce yourself. Let us know what you think of our just-out-of-the-oven website too. We want to make it as useful as possible - a place to share some baking tips, for you to get to know a bit more about us and our suppliers, and most important of all where you can discover what goes into our loaves. What exactly is ancient cereal or sourdough? What are the benefits of low GI? What will keep a growing school child, a farmer or a walker satisfied all day? How about healthy breads for the dieter?! The answers are on their way! Oh yes, and did you know we also set up stall at some of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Wales's best festivals and country shows? We'll let you know about them too.

Finally, if you like tweeting we've just started chirping as @weloveloafers

    We love Loafers - we hope you will too...

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  1. Eating your beer loaf we bought at Alfrick and Leigh Show today :)
    NICE !