Are you a Loaflet? If you bake bread or pastries and you're under twelve then you are! Watch this space in 2016 for bread-baking ideas, and much more...

In the meantime....

Loafers' Puzzle Poem

What do you think the poem spells out? Have you ever written a puzzle poem? Why not have a go writing a food-related puzzle poem over Christmas?  Bring a copy in to Loafers and you might find it featuring in a blog post in the future!

Our first is in Loaves that flour your lips
Our second is the cost of our bread-making tips
Our third is the mark to which we aspire
Our fourth is for Friendship, Flavour and Fire
Our fifth says 'Enjoy what you Eat it's E-free!'
Our R is for Rustic - our speciality
Our Reward is your 'S' - a Satisfied Smile...
... that tells us our bread-baking's all been worthwhile.

© Liz Darcy Jones
13th October 2012

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